The Best Modern Home Interior Tips for Creating a Warmly Environment

Heading into 2014, there are many wondering what the latest home interior trends will be. Whilst everyone knows you don't get the most modern interiors without investing heavily in good quality stuff, we looked at a few tips that will help any keen designer create the best out of their living space heading into the coming months.

Choose your colours wisely

Often one of the biggest mistakes people make is to start off with a colour pallete only to find out that they have got it really wrong at the end. If your going for a modern look you should look at good colour combinations. White can be great as a background colour to enhance the features around it whilst illumination with greens and blues can really brighten up a place is displayed in the correct way. If you are unsure on colour schemes simply start out with lighter colours and progress from there.

Select the right contemporary accessories for your room

Three words, lamps, curtains and mirrors. These combinations can make a living space both contemporary, spacious and inviting. Start with the carpet and the colour, ensure that your curtains do not clash with this colour and that they only compliment it, you will then be able to match the colour of the curtains with your lampshade. With ultra modern lamps you can find etched patterns and abstract arts can really wow visitors into your room, combine the lamps with well positioned windows and add a collection of wall mirrors to enhance the look.

Decorating with wall mirrors

If you have enough cash then one growing interior design trend is to use a variety of different decorative wall mirrors. When using these mirrors you can keep the light in your room and brighten up the place, leaving your interior looking flashy.

You can find some really interesting modern wall mirror ideas, we found some such as a 3D contemporary mirror and a shattered glass effect mirror as part of a collection of wall mirrors from Soraya Interiors in the UK which will surely stun any modern interior fanatic!

This technique does tend to only work with wall that are high and isn't really ideal for bathrooms, you can try and put a lot of mirrors together in the hallway which is ideal as it is usually a place that lacks light similar to a long corridor.

Furniture on a budget

It's always a good idea to decide first of all on a material you want to use for your furniture, this can range from oak, beech, hard woods or soft woods and is an ideal way of sticking to a budget as the price of your furniture will often depend on the material, you can always later on decide to paint the wood and use a variety of varnishes to tidy it up.