Conservatory Blinds, Furniture and Decor

From 16th century orangery's, to 19th century English greenhouses, to modern day solaria and sun rooms, conservatories have always been elegant and functional additions to any home, small or large, simple or exquisite. Conservatories are designed to add luxurious space and natural light to a home, with many companies offering countless superb designs to add untold value, comfort, and style to any modern residence. While conservatories take their design cues from the greenhouses of long ago, today they are truly multipurpose rooms that can serve numerous functions for the family, including family rooms, playrooms, or offices.

In decorating a conservatory, it is important to keep in mind that this is, at its very roots, a kind of controlled replica of an outdoor space. The expansive windows of a conservatory are designed to allow natural light to be the main light source of the room, but this too can be easily controlled through the use of specially made conservatory blinds, which can be made to measure and fitted for any window space in the conservatory. Conservatory blinds are made in numerous styles, from simple pleated blinds, to more elegant Roman or Venetian blinds, to highly advanced remote control blinds. Blinds should be chosen based on how well they are required to control the light and based on the owner's personal style.

Choosing flooring is a matter of style as well, but keeping in mind that the conservatory is meant as a gateway to the outdoors. Wood laminate flooring can be a fine, easily maintained and economical choice for an area that may see traffic from the whole family. For a more rustic look, however, especially for a conservatory of a more antique wood style, it might be better to choose a tile floor, or even a slate floor. While it may feel and look like an outdoor patio surface, plush rugs can be added to warm up the space. In addition, a non-carpet flooring choice may be wise if the space is to be used to its potential in growing plants, as it is much easier to clean the occasional soil spill.

The choice of furniture for the space is a highly personal decision that should be weighed carefully based on the style and taste of the homeowner. It is important keep in mind how much UV protection the particular glass in the windows offers, if any at all, before installing any delicate or antique furniture or decorations whose finish may be damaged by too much sun exposure.

In choosing furniture, it might be advisable to start with a single piece that may act as the centrepiece of the room, and design around it. A musician, for example, may want to move their treasured grand piano into the conservatory, then chose furniture that compliments that elegant piece. If the conservatory is being used with more of an outdoor space in mind, comfortable outdoor furniture can be used to lighten the space.

A conservatory is an exceptional, highly customizable space to add to any home, and with the myriad functions it can serve, decorating the space can be a very easy, incredibly rewarding task.