Steps Of Cleaning Air Ducts

Air ducts must be cleaned periodically to prevent the buildup of dust and dirt. Neglecting to do so will result in sub-optimal efficiency and possible equipment failure. For large buildings, this task should be left in the hands of capable air conditioning contractors. They will use advanced tools and perform the job according to approved industry guidelines for best results. The steps for cleaning air ducts are as follows:

1. Use Negative Air Pressure

The technicians will set up a wide diameter hose from a power vacuum truck to the system supply line. This uses negative air pressure to suck all of the loose particles into the vehicle. The success of the whole operation hinges on whether the machine is powerful enough to remove the unwanted elements.

2. Clean the Registers

All of the vent covers will be removed for hand washing. These are the entry points of the ducts so they need to be spick and span. The technicians must use approved cleansers for this to ensure that they are nontoxic chemicals.

3. Pressurized Air in the Vents

Then they will bring out heavy duty sprays containing high pressure compressed air. The tips are made of elongated tubes which can pass through with ease inside the vent ports. The pressure rating must not go under 200 psi. This will ensure that it's going to be effective in dislodging contaminants.

4. Scrubbing

There may be areas where pressurized air is not enough to remove dirt. These spots will require a more intense physical action to dislodge the sticky elements. This is where the scrubbers come in handy. They are inserted through trunk lines and the vacuum hose removes the debris as they become loose.

5. Cleaning the Blower

The blower itself can become dirty over time. Technicians will have to shut it down for a while to clean it up and wipe it down. Afterwards, there should be a noticeable change in its behavior. The fan will produce less noise, generate less heat, and run more efficiently.

6. Sanitation and Sealing

The final step involves washing with EPA-approved cleaners to protect the system against fungi and bacteria. Sanitation enhances air quality inside the building. Access points will then be sealed properly to prevent air loss.

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