Changing to Platform Beds

Most of us have slept on mattresses and box springs for more than a decade, now it is time to make a change to our bedroom. Modifications should of course begin with the most significant piece of furniture in the bedroom, which is the bed. If you are looking for something new and different, platform beds are one of the many kinds of bed designs that will successfully alternate the entire look of your room.

The platform beds have been around for quite a long time and it's a favorable choice in the early 70's. Since these platform beds are making a come back into the marketplace with all new fresh and modern designs, it has become an even more popular selection among homeowners.

Instead of having a box spring, a foundation or bed frame is built to hold the mattress in place hence the result is a lower profile design than other types of beds in the market. Many times, platform beds have space underneath them for clutter free storage or they can be purchased with a drawer system as well. Depending on the design of the platform, there are also certain functionalities that conventional beds cannot offer.

The most common type of foundation for a platform bed is the slat roll. These foundations are made from wood slats that were strapped together or bounded by polypropylene material. The result is a rail of foundation that has proper spacing to support the mattress and another ledge or shelf is built to rest this slat on. Another type of foundation design is a form of solid surface with no gaps.

Platform beds are commonly made from woods such as cherry, maple, ash, oak, hickory and rubber wood. These days, metal have also been broadly used such as in modern patio furniture as well as in bed designs. Like any other furniture, modern platform bed is available in a wide variety of style, design and quality. Contemporary bedroom furniture that is constructed in a simple way with smooth and clean lines will definitely give you the sophisticated look to your room.