The Changing Face of Electric Showers

It was found that the hygiene received from bathing under a waterfall was higher than conventional methods of pouring water over an individual's body. Therefore, the need to have such an effect in our own bathroom arose. Shower is a reproduction of our inner desire of having a natural effect of a waterfall within our bathroom's confines.

This concept was slowly adapted and throughout the ages there has been a lot of evolution in showering methods and Electric Showers is one such invention. Designed to provide the user unrestricted supply of hot water, Electric showers have gradually transformed from luxury to necessity for countries with extreme cold temperatures. Electric showers are also a cost effective alternative to the earlier Boiler systems, as they only heat the water that flows through them, and, therefore, require remarkably little energy.

During the years, electric showers have also had a lot of transformations. In the initial years, it was connected directly to the Shower Arm and would begin warming the water as soon as it detects water flow, but the user had to be always careful because of the proximity of water to electricity. This type of primitive Electric Shower used water supply directly from the mains, and would be hazardous in case of no supply through mains, causing the electric motor to heat up.

Therefore, advancements were made, and Electric showers now come with safety features incorporated for Pressure Stabilized or thermostatically controlled. Pressure stabilised Electric Showers maintains the flow rate and heats the water accordingly.

Thermostatic showers automatically cuts off supply to prevent any dangerous situations like overheating of Water that could cause scalding or automatic cut-off of energy on not detecting supply of cold water.

Most users confuse Power Showers with Electric Showers as they associate the surge in water flow with powering the shower with electrically pumped jets. Little do they realise that power showers supply water in its stored form, and Electric Showers heat the water being supplied through it.

The added feature of not relying on the existing boiler heated water supply makes the Electric Shower an extremely beneficial utility fixture for your bathroom.

Today's Electric Showers are totally safe and caters to almost all segments of clientage from individual houses to apartments to public utilities spaces to organisations. With loads of safety regulations that cover's the Fuseboard, MCB, Electric Cables, Residual Current Device, to the switches, you always have the best solution, provided you pay heed to these regulations and keep you and your family, employees or the general public safe. It is also mandatory that the supply to the Electric Shower has an independent grounding mechanism.

Electric Showers are available in a variety of Power Rating, ranging from 7kW to 12.5kW, based on your water supply and consumption requirement.

Since Electric Showers use water supply directly from the mains, it is generally very easy to connect the Electric Shower in your bathroom. It is highly advised that the electrical fixation should be done in accordance to Part P of the Building Regulations by a qualified Electrician only.