Bunk Beds for Children's Room

Room space can become a real issue when you start having children. They might need their own bedroom set and also a storage place to keep all their toys and games. A bunk bed is perhaps the best solution for your children's ever shrinking bedroom. Bunk beds help save a large amount of room space and what's better, they are absolutely economical.

There are of course quite some variations of bunk beds that you can find now in a furniture store and they are all very suitable for a small children's bedroom.

Night & Day Bunk Beds
These have been really popular lately. Basically in a "Night & Day" bunk bed, the top bunk will be consisting of a standard twin mattress while at the bottom, there's a convertible futon bed that can be folded up into a sofa for daytime use and back into a full bed when it's sleeping time.

Loft Beds
Loft style beds look just like any kind of bunk beds but with one huge difference. As the name suggests, loft beds are designed with a space underneath the top bunk which could be used as a storage place, a desk space with a computer, or a place for a bookshelf, maybe a wardrobe.

Twin Over Full Bunk Beds
These bunk beds are suitable if you have an older child who needs a bigger sleeping space. A twin over full bunk bed is typically a twin size bed on top of a full size bed. You can often find these with an additional under bed storage or with a trundle bed beneath the full size bed for even more children to sleep.

So those are the few types of bunk beds that you might come across when you're shopping at a furniture store. If you are looking for retailers that sell cheap bunk beds, I'd suggest you to search for them on the internet. Online furniture stores are really great places to view all sorts of furniture designs and prices.