Vertical Blinds for Asthmatics

Some times when making interior design choices we have to take more than just the aesthetics and style into account; health issues are also something that frequently needs to be a consideration. If the intended occupant of a room has even a common condition such as Asthma choices made in the room design can have a big impact on their quality of life.

So what are some things to avoid and look for when designing a room for an asthmatic?

Vertical blinds not horizontal

One way to improve an asthmatics quality of life with interior design choices is to install vertical blinds rather than horizontal blinds. Usually the impact on a designs look is minimal as a result of this change but yet it can go a long way to keeping the dust that can play havoc on asthmatics lungs to a minimum. Horizontal blinds give a platform for dust to land on and as a result collect it quickly, properly removing this dust is a time consuming process as it often involves removing the blinds and washing them outside or in a bath tub, meaning they tend to get cleaned less frequently. Vertical blinds however let all the dust fall to the ground where it will be cleaned up in a normal sweeping or vacuum cleaning routine. Over time this means are far smaller amount of dust is present in the room, great news for asthmatics.

Roller Shades

This design of shades retracts quickly making it hard for dust to collect on it, so this can be a good option to, particularly if you’re using a vinyl material that can be quickly wiped clean.

Make sure curtains are washable

Sometimes you can’t escape curtains if you’re trying to give a room a traditional look, curtains will always be a hassle to wash so are likely to lead to more dust than other forms of window dressing, if you are adamant that a room needs curtains try to make sure that they are at least machine washable make dust removing at least a little easier.

If you do end up with non machine washable curtains, you can always kill off most of the dust mites by leaving the curtains in a freezer over night. This won’t remove the dust but killing off the dust mites will go some way to giving asthmatics relief. Dry cleaning curtains does not effectively kill dust mites so this freezing process should be used even when dry cleaning.

Most importantly make sure the curtains hang above the ground, curtains that drag on the ground will aggravate dust sending it into the air.


These are really easy to clean so if they fit the look you want to give a room they can be great for asthmatics

Window Film

If the room’s occupant suffers particularly badly from asthma and all these cleaning routines see like they might be too much for them, a last resort can be to cover the windows in film making them opaque or semi opaque, in many rooms this will avoid the need for curtains.