Finishing Touches for the Bedroom

What is it about a headboard that completes a bed? The design at the head of your bed is such a style statement and says quite a bit about your personality. Is your headboard made of wood or upholstered leather? Is it traditional or a sleek design? Is it the latest style or has it been handed down through the generations?

Headboard designs

Wooden headboards have got to be the most simple and elegant going. Different hues of wood and a wide variety of carved designs add up to a timeless piece of furniture which can blend into most environments.

Upholstered headboards have become very popular in recent years and not surprisingly so. They help to create a soft, timeless look which goes well in the room where you sleep. Even if the pattern or fabric goes out of fashion in time, these can be easily updated.

On the other hand there are many upholstered headboard designs which stand the test of time. Of course a few words about headboards would not be complete without mentioning metallic headboards which are just as versatile.

Romantic vision

Metallic headboards have something special about them which is hard to define. Such an item conjures up visions of fairytales and myths, royalty and former times.

It is interesting to note that metallic headboards used to symbolise wealth and prestige owing to their high cost but today the price of such a headboard has come down considerably and designs are available to suit all pockets.

The possibilities for styles and colours are endless with so many different types of metals and design technology in the market now.

Pros of metal

The advantages of metallic headboards are that they are very durable and easy to care for. Although the cost has dropped over the years, a metallic headboard is still an investment. The good news is that this piece of furniture will last for years so will be worth every penny.

An additional benefit of the metallic headboard is that no matter what design you select, its very materials give it a timeless character so there isn’t much chance of it going out of style any time soon.


Looking after a metallic headboard is easy. Use a dry cloth to remove any dust layers and follow this with a wipe with a slightly damp cloth for cleaning. A quick polish with a dry cloth once it is completely dry will leave it sparkling.