Be Bold with your Bathroom Design and Décor

A modern bathroom is far more than just a functional space in the house and the choice we make over design affects both its appearance and its feel. For those looking to break the mould, being bold is easier than ever before with the wide range of styles and fittings at Victoria Plumb a perfect example of how the concept of modern bathroom designs have developed.


If you are planning a modern bathroom it doesn't mean that you have to have minimalist clean lines and ultra-modern fittings; traditional designs that exude timeless elegance and you sometimes using these fittings in modern homes can be bolder than any bright colour scheme.

Whether you like the modern materials and 'waterfall' open tap designs or prefer ornate and intricately decorated items, you can mix and match from the whole spectrum of products available at Victoria Plumb to build a 'transitional' style that is completely unique and unquestionably bold.

The Big Idea

Whatever your particular taste, it is best to start with one overall big idea when designing your bathroom. One approach which is currently proving popular is to make your bathroom into a domestic spa; the ideal space in your home to relax and de-stress.

Making your own oasis of calm can be brought into reality with the use of steam showers with multiple showerheads, by adopting an organic approach to tiling and through the clever use of mood lighting. By replacing shower curtains with simple glass enclosures, utilising dark painted floors or stone floors and even having fully mirrored walls you can create the desired effect.

Bold colours

Unexpected use of colour can be particularly striking in a bathroom where white is often the central colour. Whereas many traditional and modern minimalistic bathroom styles use a monochrome combination of black and white for simplicity, the use of bold block colours can produce a stunning effect.

You don't even have to redecorate to feel the impact of colours in your bathroom. Add colour through vibrant towels, bold floor mats, patterned shower curtains and bright accessories to give your room a lift without breaking your wallet.

Even taps and other fittings can be found in a selection of colours and finishes while cabinets, either floor standing or wall hanging, can be transformed with new coloured doors.

The Bath

A classic tub is the centre of most bathrooms and once again the wealth of choice on offer means you can make a bold statement in the most eye catching way possible. Whether you prefer the old style grandeur of a classic roll top bath complete with intricate metal feet or feel more at home with an ultra-modern sleek lined contoured affair designed for two, your choice of bath can have the biggest impact on the room so opt for something big and beautiful that really stands out.


Contemporary taps for both basins and baths can add spice to a traditional suite or act as the finishing touch to an ultra-contemporary room. Sleek and modern square-edged finishes and ultra-modern open designs with waterfall effects all come with a thin design and ergonomic styling for those looking for the perfect way to make a bold statement. Consider a Victoria Plumb bathroom suite because you’re sure to find the product range extensive enough to cover every style choice or preference.