Bathroom New Look Vanity

If you can only afford to make one upgrade to your bathroom decor, choose a new bathroom vanity. Vanities are the focal point of any bathroom; ever notice that your eyes go right to the mirror? That’s because contemporary bathroom vanities convey the first impression of the room. You have a great opportunity to get an excellent design return on investment, simply by upgrading one piece. However, a too-large vanity choice can cause a bathroom to seem cramped or an overly avant-garde piece can simply be “too much.” A vanity must fit in with the theme of the space, the existing decor of the bathroom, and, of course, your budget.

Let’s start by considering the space you have available. If you have a large bathroom, this is simple, as you won’t have many space limitations. This means lots of freedom; you might like an extra-large mirror or a huge tub. Large mirrors can be particularly effective if your bathroom has a window, because the natural light reflects and opens up the space.

Not everyone has the luxury of a large bathroom and is limited with choices; but this doesn’t mean your bathroom has to suffer. A classic designer’s trick for small bathrooms is to put in a pedestal sink with a simple hanging mirror. The pedestal-style sink works well, because it creates the illusion of more space. Simple white porcelain for the sink and a small beveled mirror are enough to get by. If you need storage space, you can hang decorative fabric around the edge of the sink and store items underneath or install a simple shelf.

Once you’ve got a good idea of what size vanity you can fit into your space, the next task is selecting a theme. The go-to choices are modern or rustic, but explore all of your options before deciding. Modern can include art deco, “elemental” stone, and even black, lacquered wood. Rustic includes Victorian, farmhouse, and shabby chic, among others. Almost any retail store or website will allow you to preview hundreds of different designs. Also, be sure to consider whether your design choice would appeal to a future interested buyer. This may keep you from picking a vanity that’s pleasing to you, but maybe a little too “out there” for the rest of the population.

Most people pick bathroom vanities to complement their home. If you’re leaning towards an upgrade in the future, some find it is helpful to design in phases, rather than all at once. That way, you can mix and match styles and figure out what really makes you comfortable. With a little bit of patience, you’ll have a beautiful new bathroom in no time.

This post was written by Ryan Tupper who has been remodeling bathrooms and kitchens for over ten years. Through this time Ryan has come to understand the key points that bring new life to a home. Ryan utilizes for all of his vanity supply needs.

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