Finishing Your Basement Can Change Your Whole House For The Better

Owning a home is one of the largest financial commitments or investments that the vast majority of families will ever make in their lives. Although a house can be a great source of financial security, it is also still subject to price changes in the market and economy, as well as the stresses and strains that time and use can put on a property.


Times are tough for many families, and for most of us, the financial market seems to be constantly shifting and changing in new ways, and at a faster rate than it ever has before. In the wake of the global financial crisis, homeowners across the country have begun looking for ways to increase the market value of their homes without breaking the bank or making untenable renovations. One thing, however, is clear: Whether your house is an investment in a potential future sale or a place you're planning on making into a life-long home, finding an experienced and reliable contractor is the most important part of any home renovation, and can make or break your home as it stands. This is especially when it comes to the hidden gem of renovations, the basement.

Basement finishing is an extremely effective way to increase the value of your home, though it often goes overlooked by many who do not realize its potential. In many houses, the basement is typically an unfinished space that is unsuitable for living or recreation - but with a good renovation, it can become much, much more than that. Unlike a remodel of a kitchen or bathroom, a good basement renovation takes a space that was once unsuitable for living or recreation and turns it into another regular, useable part of the home. This can add much more value to the home - both financially speaking, and in terms of the lived experience of the home's residents. You and your family will enjoy the many benefits of additional space - imagine! A recreation room for you or your children; an extra guest room for friends and family to come visit; an extra storage space that relieves you from some of the clutter that may have been building up upstairs. No matter which way you decide to use it, there's no denying that a brand-new finished basement will add value and use to your home. However, you shouldn't trust just anyone with the task of putting together your brand-new basement; to get the best quality, results and value, you have to be sure to hire a contractor with a proven track record and policies that are consistent with what you want out of your home.

When searching for a contractor to take on your basement finishing project, there are a few factors that are especially important to keep in mind. Does the contractor have a proven track record of customer satisfaction? Is this a company that has worked in your area for a number of years? The company should have reviews and testimonials easily available on their website, and the contractor should be able offer you a clear and straightforward satisfaction guarantee. Too many people hire unreliable contractors, thinking their cheap prices mean they will be able to save a bit of money, and end up with shoddy, unsatisfactory work that costs them far more in time and money in the long run. A trustworthy guarantee and decades of satisfied clients will let you know that your contractor is the real deal. Try looking for a place like Toronto's One Call Basements ( that can offer both before and after photos and a number of client references.

Your contractor should also use as many locally sourced materials and products as possible. Not only does this help the local economy, but also you will know that the quality of construction is as high as possible. Inferior construction materials, such as those bought at bargain-basement prices from companies that import their wares, can negatively impact the value of the property in the long run. If the contractor uses high-quality Canadian parts and materials, you can be sure that your new basement will stand the test of time.

Basement finishing is a fantastic way to add to the effective living space and thus value of your home. Hiring reliable, proven contractors will ensure that the newest room of your house is solidly built and holds its value.