How to Accessorize and Decorate Your Garden Playhouse

The summer months are now in full swing and children are enjoying the long school holidays. It can be difficult to keep children entertained during the summer months but many parents are now adding timber playhouses to their gardens. Timber playhouses are small wooden cottages perfect designed for children to play in.

Timber playhouses come in many different sizes and styles so you can find the right one to suit your garden and children. Timber playhouses are delivered untreated; this means the timber has not been painted. This lets buyers decorate the playhouse and make it personal to their children.

Decorating a childrens playhouse is a great activity for the whole family and perfect for keeping children entertained. Playhouses can be decorated to suit children’s favorite game or characters.

There are many different ways to decorate a playhouse but the best place to start is by painting it. Playhouses can be painted any colour and can be painted in different patterns to suit different children.

Little girls often choose more traditional playhouses; especially those which resemble houses or shops. Pink is a great colour for cottage style playhouses; it is best to go for a pale pink colour rather than shocking pink. Pale pink will last longer and will not be so dramatic in a normal garden. Making a playhouse girly is great fun and easy to accomplish. If pale pink is too obvious for girls you can choose a pale yellow colour; this will still create a girly exterior.

Boy’s playhouses will require more appropriate colours like pale blue, green or red. Painting a playhouse to suite boy’s favorite games is a great way of encouraging them to play outdoors. It is simple to create a camouflage colour on a timber playhouse. This can be achieved by painting patches or dark greens, greens and grey. This will create that army look and is well suited to boys.

Decorating the inside of a playhouse will help make the building more comfortable for children to play in. Adding carpet to the floor is a perfect way of helping protect the floor. Carpet can be bought in small rolls or for an easier option you can add carpet tiles. Carpet tiles fit together easily and are often much cheaper than normal carpet. It is recommended you buy more carpet tiles than you need; this means in the future if a carpet tile is damaged it can be easily replaced.

Adding curtains to your playhouse will also help make it more homely. Curtains can be simply stapled to the inside of the playhouse. Different materials can be added to create different looks. 
 Adding accessories will also help make the playhouse more appealing to children. A letter box can be easily added to any playhouses and is perfect for children playing games. Adding accessories like this will help encourage children to play in groups and will encourage their imagination.

Other accessories can be added to a playhouse like roofing tiles. Roofing tiles or shingles are made from thicker roofing felt which is then shaped to resemble roofing tiles. The shingles then add a roof style to the building making it look more like a traditional cottage.

Playing outside is very important to a child’s development. Playing socially is also very important; many modern video games are very insular and require children to play on their own inside. Adding a playhouse to your garden is also will also save you money as they will be able to enjoy their home more without needing to be entertained by expensive days out!