7 Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes to Know Before Remodeling

Deciding to remodel your bathroom can actually add value to your home. However, it is important to have the remodeling project done correctly. Unfortunately, it is all too easy to end up making costly mistakes that eat away at your budget and leave you without the results you wanted in the bathroom. Before you even begin your bathroom remodeling project, take a look at these common remodeling mistakes so you can avoid making them when you begin this home improvement project.

Mistake #1 – Failing to Budget Enough for Bathroom Remodeling

One of the biggest mistakes individuals often make when remodeling a bathroom is failing to budget enough money for the project. Statistics show that most bathroom remodeling projects cost over $16,000. If you have decided to remodel this room, make sure you budget out more than enough money to get the job done. You don’t want to end up without the money needed to complete the remodel the right way.

Mistake #2 – Purchasing Materials Based Upon Price Alone

Another of the bathroom remodeling mistakes to avoid is purchasing materials for the job based upon price alone. Sure, you want to find a great deal. However, sometimes the lowest price isn’t the right choice. Items that are made out of better materials will offer the longest life and the best function, but they may cost a bit more. Make sure you don’t cut corners just to get a lower price, especially when it comes to choosing toilets, fixtures and flooring underlayment. Here is a guide, which can help you in selecting the right bathroom product.

Mistake #3 – Forgetting to Add Room for Storage

Living in a bathroom that has very little storage will quickly become frustrating. This is why it is important to make sure you add room for storage when you begin remodeling. While little storage may be fine for a guest bathroom, it is not a great choice for a bath that is used every day. Make sure you have shelves, cabinets, hanging hooks, towel racks and other options that make storage easy. You want to keep the bathroom from looking cluttered and good storage options will be the perfect way to cut down on clutter.

Mistake #4 – Being Too Trendy with the Design

Being too trendy with the design you choose for the bathroom can be another huge mistake. All you have to do is walk into an older bathroom that was designed in the 70s, with its avocado green and brilliant oranges. Sometimes the current trends aren’t a great choice for a bathroom you want to use for years to come. A classic, timeless design will always look great, no matter if the trends change.

Mistake #5 – Going with the Wrong Materials for a Bathroom Environment

Choosing the wrong materials for a bathroom environment is another big mistake you need to avoid. Bathrooms get steamy, cold, hot and stay humid on a regular basis. This environment can be tough on certain materials, such as paper, porous stone, textiles and wood. Be sure to choose materials for the bathroom that are specifically designed to hold up in this environment.

Mistake #6 – Failure to Hire a Quality, Licensed Plumber

Plumbing can be a nightmare to work with, especially if you have someone doing it that doesn’t have the knowledge required. Some of the common problems that can occur in a bathroom include leaks that cannot be found, flooding and bad plumbing in the bathroom walls. To avoid dealing with these costly problems, it’s much better to ensure you hire a quality, licensed plumber to deal with the plumbing aspects of your remodel.

Mistake #7 – Not Choosing a Contractor that Specializes in Bathrooms

Last, not choosing a contractor that specializes in bathrooms could also be a big mistake. Some contractors do all kinds of work and they may not have a lot of experience with bathrooms. If you can’t find a contractor that specializes in bathroom remodeling projects, at least try to find one that has a lot of experience with bathroom projects.