5 Reasons Why a Lean-To Garden Shed Is Practical for Your Home

Owning lean-to sheds is a very practical solution for storage issues. This style of building works perfectly in tight spaces or down the side of the house due to its unique design. It is perfect if you are looking to store items or have a keen hobby or craft. Below are 5 advantages of a lean-to shed and why you should consider purchasing one when you are looking for extra space.

Extra Storage

This type of building is seen by many as a practical and cost-effective way of storing items such as gardening tools and equipment, or removing some of the clutter indoors into safe storage. The size of a lean-to shed would allow the perfect amount of space if you are looking at storing memorabilia, toys, and equipment as well and means that instead of throwing away the items you can’t let go of, you can store them and retrieve them easily.

Using the Building as a Workshop

If you have a keen hobby or passion for hobbies or crafts, such as carpentry or metal work that requires an organised space, then lean-to sheds are a perfect building for your needs. This type of building can have an electrical feed to the shed, so you are able to power lights and machinery. This will ensure that you do not make a mess indoors and also keeps the garden clear of tools and ensures it looks tidy. You also have peace of mind that your tools can be locked away securely and do not have to worry about losing materials as everything is kept together.

Storing Bikes

You might us a bike as an alternative mode of transport for work or commuting or you might have them for the summer so you are able to take the children on bike rides. Either way a lean-to shed is the ideal way to store and retrieve your bikes. You can fit a special anchoring kit inside the building for additional security and they are also locked away out of sight to any potential burglars.

Potting Plants

If you are planning to cultivate plant throughout the winter period or doing general gardening then a lean-to shed is perfect for this. A wooden lean-to shed can come with polycarbonate glazing which helps enhance the temperature within the lean-to shed greenhouse to provide the perfect temperature for plant growth. They can also be fitted with vents and skylights to let heat escape on warmer days.

Storing Tools

Whether its general gardening tools and equipment or you are a specialist by trade, such as carpenter, then a lean-to shed building is perfect. You are able to have a specific place for each item so that when it comes to finding the tool it is simple and easy. A well organised shed will benefit your life and make doing any task, either round the house in or in the garden much quicker. Another purpose for storage is to store harmful chemicals to ensure they are kept well away from pets or children.

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